Hello! If you are here you probably already know something about meso in this first post I’d like to tell you about the 5 top skills that could make an Architect the perfect Wedding Planner.
Architecture has been (and still is) an important part of my professional life. My work as Wedding Planner – or “Wedding Architect” as I prefer to think – can’t be detached from my first profession because, as you will read below, these professions have a lot in common!


 Every project (an architectural project or an event) is basically built by two elements: what we would like to do and what we can do, or more simply: Desires vs Resources.

That being said, read below:

  • No Limit Budget doesn’t necessary mean The Best Event
  • Low Budget doesn’t necessary mean The Worst Event

A good Budget Management is the key to give life to your Dream instead of awaking in your worst nightmare!


An architectural project involves different specific workers as many as the project elements are. Masonry men, painters, tilers, electricians and so on. Architect’s responsibility is to be sure that they work at their best, respecting the time schedule. The respect of this precise time program is the key to a successful project.
The same is for an Event. The Wedding Planner knows which actions should be taken and when, he knows which are the reliable suppliers to work with depending on the couples’ requests, the call-to-action timing and he knows how to coordinate them properly.


Life can be interesting because the unforeseen is always around the corner, even if sometimes it can be quite stressing! That’s why it is important to be ready to face every small bump that you could step in all along the way.
No books or courses can prepare you to this, experience is the best teacher. You know how they say: “Hope for the best and prepare for the worst”?

The unexpected happens in life as in projects and events, do not be scared of it, stay calm and be ready to face it, because, believe it or not, there is a solution.
Architect is always ready with a PLAN B, so is your WP.

If I hadn’t been creative, I wouldn’t ever chosen to be an architect. The amazing thing of this two professions is that every project (or event) is different because it reflects the client’s character.
So for weddings, I listen to my clients needs but also I try to understand their nature, to create THEIR OWN UNIQUE EVENT.

As they told me when I was a student, “An architect is a long-life student” because he should always be aware about the latest news of the architecture industry: new materials, the latest lighting systems, the trends to come and so on.
Weddings & Events Planning are not immune to this rule! New lights & sound systems, new textiles, fashion trends, being always in search of new suppliers, never stop studying and improving budget management and marketing skills.

I’ve just listed 5 top qualities but if you think about it I am sure you’ll find many more traits that these professions shares.

As you can see Architects and Wedding Planners have a lot in common, that’s why sometimes… they are the same person!

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