Who's behind the Bow Tie?

My name is Marco D’Andrea, I am an Italian architect and wedding planner based in Milano.
What’s my story? I worked in Italy and abroad, the life between my (at that time) fiancè and it was like the movie “Catch me if you can”: sometimes I played the runaway, sometimes the chaser.
Our journey passed through Milan, London and Rome, since the day I asked Her to become my lovely wife.
It was a Roman rainy day in november, and we decided to get married in June.
6 months to get married. Maybe too soon? No way!

I made the promise to give life to the wedding day that She always wanted, so I put together my passions and my creativity to bring our dream day to life. I’ve experienced the worries, I’ve considered the options from different caterings, I’ve evaluated the locations, I’ve spent nights worring about the possibility of rainy weather, I’ve found the solutions, I’ve given life to Our Day.

That day was amazing, the sun was shining, people were cheering up, and everybody was happy and enjoyed the time with us.
A few hours later I was on a plane with my newly wife and while looking through the clouds I decided that helping other people to give life to their dream day was going to be my mission.
I can’t promise you that it will be sunny that day but I can promise you that together we will make your wedding day unforgettable!