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Why should I hire a Wedding Planner?

Whether you decided to get married in Italy because you already been here or you’ve just seen it in TV you must know that Italy has more World Heritage Sites than any other country on earth.
That means we have thousands of locations to offer and to have a trusted italian contact in here means that we are always aware about the natural beauties of our country. Also, been mothertongue we easily deal with italian burocracy, that can often be overwhelming!

Why to hire an italian Wedding Planner for my wedding in Italy?

Whether you decided to get married in Italy because you already been here or you’ve just seen it in TV you must know that Italy has more World Heritage Sites than any other country on earth.
That means we have thousands of locations to offer and to have a trusted italian contact in here means that we are always aware about the natural beauties of our country. Also, been mother-tongue we easily deal with italian bureaucracy, that can often be overwhelming!

How much does your services costs?

The cost of a wedding in Italy can vary depending on what the couple need, as the number of guests that will attend to the wedding, the chosen venue, the menù and the other complementary services you could need as musicians, car rental, photographer, etc.
As a basic rule you could consider that a WP will be around the 10-15% of your budget (included IN the budget).

Why should I spend money to hire a wedding planner instead of just investing that amount for the wedding?

That is one of the most common questions and the answer is that we as wedding planner have a long list of wedding professionals to work with and we can have the best deal. We know them, we know the quality of their products and the level of their service.
A SMALL INVESTMENT FOR THE BIG DAY: consider for instance that you want to get married in 6 months and your budget is €10.000. The cost of our service would be around €5,50/day! The money invested by choosing the wedding planner will be repaid by the services he offers you, and the best prices he can get by the vendors.By the end you will find that you are spending less for more services and more relax.

Isn’t fair enough fot the Day of your dream?

How can I save money for the wedding?

One of the best way to save some money for your wedding is to choose a “smart date” during the High Season or the Low Season.
High Season: In Italy the High Season for wedding goes from May to September, as during this period you have more chances to find nice weather conditions.

Most of the wedding venues offer different fees depending on the month and the day you decide for the wedding, the prices will be higher if you want to get married Saturday or Sunday rather than Monday, Tuesday o Wednesday for instance.
Low Season:You could save even more if you choose to get married out of the High Season, from November to March. as maybe a Tuesday in November. The weather could be as not good as in September specially for an outdoor wedding.

I have already chose the Catering Service, can you work with them?

Yes we can! We usually work with known vendors as we know how they work, but we will be glad to collaborate with your chosen suppliers.

I want to hire you just for partial services, is that a problem?

That’s not a problem! We will be glad to help you with everything you need to give life to your Great Day, whatever you need the complete service or just the Venue Search or the Event Design Consultancy

Will you be at the Wedding Day?

Of course! If you wish with our service OnThe Day Co-ordination will be present on the day of your wedding in order to check every small detail and to coordinate the suppliers, helping them, answering any question and to deal with any situation.

When should I start planning my wedding in Italy?

You would usually need from 6 to 10 months to plan everything, but we can discuss about managing all in less time, we love the challenges!

Can I get legally married in Italy?

Yes, a wedding held in a town hall in Italy will be recognized as a legal wedding in the home country of the couple.
You will have duplicates copies of the wedding legal documentations, you will use this certificates to register your wedding to your local registry office once you will be back in your country.
Weddings that do not take place in the town hall or in a Roman Catholic Church (for catholic couples) aren’t legally valid, however you could have other “symbolic ceremony” or a “blessing” by getting legally married previously in your home country and then come to Italy, or come to Italy  few days before your wedding and getting married in a Town Hall in order to be legally married and then attend to the simbolic ceremony.

Keep in mind that in Italy you can find several historical buildings or even deconsecrated churches that Town Halls usually use for weddings.


Can I get legally married in a venue?

Some venues are also authorized to conduct legal binding ceremony. These ceremonies must be conducteds in premises appointed by the Town Hall. Anyway keep in mind that the procedure to do that could be quite complex.

Ok, I decided to get married in Italy. What do I need to do first?

First thing to do is…to hire a wedding planner at your choosen destination! No jokes, It could sound like the classical “business answer” but actually is not.
To hire a planner that lives in the country you choose as destination means to have a person that knows the venues, the local suppliers ( even the smallest ones that you will not find on the first pages of Google).

He will help you to make the walk to the Big Day going smoother, stress-free, saving you worries, time and money.


I want my wedding day to be unique! Can you do that? How do you work?

Yes we can! We don’t sell wedding packages, our events are tailor made for you. We listen to your needs and desires, your favourite colours, music and every inspirational element that you love. We bring all those ingredients and we mix it up together with our creativity and experience in order to offer you the best Wedding Day for you!

I don't live in Italy, I can't fly every month to meet you, is that a problem?

That is NOT a problem. You don’t need to come to Italy every month, that’s what we are here for! We do believe in long-distance relationship! We are used to work with clients abroad, managing all datas transmission through internet connection, meetings via skype and conference-call all along the process.
( We respect old traditions and we love old movies…but we also love the magic of technology! )

What you actually do?

We help you all along the process:

  • We listen to your needs
  • We find the Wedding Theme and design the locations’ set
  • We design invitation cards and favors to match with the Wedding Theme
  • We find the best venue
  • We contact professional vendors for every aspect of the Big Day (catering, musicians, car rental, bride-groom accomodation and guests accomodation)
  • We can bring you to the finest wedding Ateliers for the ceremony dress and shoes
  • We will manage all these aspects for you. By doing that you will need to communicate just with us, saving you time
  • We will be at your side on your wedding day, taking care of every detail.

What you do NOT?

  • We don’t work with low quality vendors

  • We don’t propose lousy locations

  • We don’t do “serial weddings”, we love to create unique settings for our clients

  • We don’t plan more than 1 wedding per week, we prefer to concentrate all our efforts on one couple at a time