What do you need?

We can help you with every service you could need for your destination wedding!

Just like cooking, planning an event means finding the right mix of different ingredients. Which are the elements that you will need for your own Special Day is up to you.
Whatever you desire, a cosy atmosphere or an elegant formal celebration, we can help you to achieve it in a stressless way!

We can help you organize every aspect of your wedding planning, helping you to select every kind of service and vendors you may need, always keeping an eye on your budget:
Legal and ecclesiastical issues

  • Guest Accommodation

  • Catering Service

  • Flower Design

  • Car Rental Service

  • Photo & Video Service

  • Entertainment Service

We can look after everything you need in any phase of the process, according to what you exactly dream for your big day.

As long as you wish a wedding that stands out of the crowd, we will be at your side to create it together. We will talk with you in order to know you better and understand what you really like as a couple. Together we will find the right theme, the colours and everything needed to transform THE wedding day in YOUR Wedding Day.
We can help you with:

  • Invitation cards
  • Save the Date 
  • Flower design
  • Installations
  • Thank you cards
  • Favors

Italy can offer you thousands of different places, so we will do the same with you.
Following your initial criteria, we can propose you the perfect location, meeting your taste and budget. You just need to tell us what you have in mind and we will find different proposals to be evaluated.
We mostly cover the Milan Area and the Lakes in the North of Italy but we have the right connections to find also your “special place” in Tuscany and Sardinia.
We will produce a detailed report for each proposed location with the estimated costs, the pros & cons and a photographic report.
Moreover we can help you to understand and negotiate the contracts and finalise the booking.
If you wish, we can also find the accomodations for your guests.


The world is getting smaller day after day. Thanks to the technology, communication has become faster and easier, and it is not unusual to have guests coming from other countries.
A micro website can be a right solution: your guests can get all the information on the wedding whenever they want, wherever they are.
You can decide to use it as an information support to the invitation cards or alone as an alternative invitation system, quicker and cost-effective.
The wedding microsite includes:

  • A personal, beautiful website in your chosen wedding colours or inspired by your chosen theme

  • A map to the location

  • Bride and Groom story-page

  •  The countdown

  • A direct way for your guests to RSVP

  • The gifts list – a direct link to your chosen wedding gift supplier


On THAT Day you will need just to think about putting one step after the other while you walk toward the altar, smiling to your beloved ones and your friends, and rise up the glasses to cheer with your newly wife or husband.
We will take care of every detail, dealing with the suppliers and being sure that everything runs smooth and your only matter could be that you don’t want the day to end!