We all have been in an Ikea store, we possess at least one Ikea object and we have learned to pronounce its swedish names (without spitting out some delicious swedish meatballs). Well, it’s time to learn another word: BRÖLLOP (“WEDDING” in swedish). Why so? Because Ikea has just started its new Bröllop – I mean – Wedding Online service that allows couples to virtually invite wedding guests from all over the world and get legally married. For that, it is necessary that bride, groom, celebrant and at least two witnesses are in the same room during the celebration: all you need is a computer with a webcam and Internet access.

First step: Choose your venue
You can choose between 6 different virtual environments. If you like to walk barefoot there’s a romantic table on the beach with the sunset behind you, a magical forest with lampshades swinging above and the everlasting All-White-Fitting (celebrant included). If you feel more like a citizen of the world ,there is a nice Rooftop waiting for you. The most whimsical couples could choose to host the event on a boat or in a harvest-field-circus-like set-up (which is perfect if your bride suffers from hay fever).

6 venues to meet every taste, all Ikea style of course.

6 venues to meet every taste, all Ikea style of course.

Second Step: Formalities
Once you’ve logged in with your Facebook account, you will need to fill up a couple of documents (Ikea is known for being very open-minded about families but STILL they need to know if you are already married to someone else). After that it’s time to fix a date and define your guest list, the inner circle that will have the privilege to see their faces assembled (talking about Ikea this verb sounds perfect) on the bodies inside the environment image on screen. Once the guest list is prepared, you have to decide the date and send the invitations.


Those 180° turning heads are quite disturbing…

Final Step: Get married!
On the day you have decided Ikea will provide a 6-hours-long broadcasting and the connection will be supervised by an Ikea’s employee just to be sure that everything run smoothly. Your special guests will be able to interact directly via webcam so you will not miss the first tears rolling down your best man’s cheeks, while the other guests will be present as small icons below the environment picture – they will be able to send cheers and smiles through messages.

City rooftop,how cool is that? And you don't need to worry about pigeons.

City rooftop, how cool is that? You don’t need to worry about pigeons either.

Ikea’s claim is “Love at its simplest”
… maybe TOO simple?

Sounds kinda fun but…would you really do that?
Ikea’s way of living can be summarized in the concept “Make it easy and simple”: you can easily buy your furniture, you can (usually) easily assemble it by yourself, you can easily renew your apartment and so on. That’s also the claim for their wedding service “love at its simplest”.

On line wedding, Pants not compulsory.

On line wedding, Pants not compulsory.

But tell me that: would you really keep it so simple? Even if it would be great to invite virtually all your far friends and imagine to be in a magical venue, nothing – I repeat – nothing could ever replace the emotions of the bride walking all along the aisle one step after the other while all your relatives and friends are wordlessly looking at you, there’s no Internet connection that will make the broom’s heart miss an beat when he sees the backlighted silouhette of the bride as she enters the room.

My dear brides-to-be, you waited the whole life to show off your bridal gown! Would a webcam offer you the same emotions?

"I'm wearing the dress of my life and nobody can see it. Keep smiling..."

“I’m wearing the dress of my life and nobody can see it. Keep smiling…”


So, well done Ikea, we will keep on furnish our homes with your furniture and maybe we will also use some of your items for wedding stagings, but accept my apologies when I say that Love is not simple, and nor should it be a wedding. And this is its best: because the greatest adventures are the ones that we’ll never forget, not the simplest.

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